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Flora is a third person singleplayer RTS/adventure game featuring Twig, a teenage girl who has the ability to control plants. An invasive corruption has taken over the forest that shelters her village and has poisoned the magical plant creatures called Flora. Only the strongest of the Flora, the Grand Guardians have the power to fight off the corruption.

When Twig discovers a young stranded Grand Guardian sapling, she decides to protect it from the corrupted Flora and find a way to return it to its home. While she cannot directly attack the corrupted Flora, Twig uses her abilities coupled with the young Grand Guardian's powers to purify them. Twig can then command the newly purified Flora and utilize their unique abilities.

Flora features real time strategy elements as well as an open world to explore.

Website: PlayFlora.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FloraTeam/

Youtube:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_cdOADbNbsaxuBDR5zZ5g

Install instructions

Unzip the folder to get access to the .exe file and the Data folder. Both of these must be in the same directory. Run the .exe to start the game.


Flora.zip (89 MB)


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From the some 40min I played the game I really liked it.  What I'm missing is a save/load feature, so that I can continue each time from where I left, instead of having to go through everything again when I come back,